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Search Optimized Design

You have the blink of an eye to keep a user on your website. What are you using to grab their attention?

Our design professionals will consult with you to define strategies to accomplish the three most important design elements:

Clear Messaging: Who are you and what can you do for your client?
Strong Call to Action: What do you want your customer to do once they are on your site?
Intuitive User Interface: Can you easily maneuver within your site?

Kelowna Web Design & Marketing

Make your first impression your best impression !

As early as 2006 studies began coming out about the importance of your website design. Gitte Lindgaard, a researcher at Carleton University published a study showing that your potential customer develops an opinion about your site in 50 milliseconds. That’s about the time it takes to blink your eye. This opinion will determine whether or not that potential customer will bother to look at the rest of your content. In essence, if your website does not only please the eye, but also represent the conversion elements and image you desire, then you are losing customers before you even knew they were there. Remember, you are competing for your position against your local and national competitors. Your website design must meet or beat the bar set by them, because your customers are comparing you.

If you don’t have a mobile compatible site- take note: over 50% of all searches are coming from mobile. Responsive design is no longer a nice to have – it is a must have to convert visitors into customers from tablets and smartphones.

Fully Customized Search Engine Friendly Design — with your customers in mind

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages
Responsive web design for all tablets and smartphones
Social Media Ready
Mobile Ready
E-Commerce platform ready (as applicable)
Content Management System